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Guadalupe Island is the best  WHITE SHARK DIVING in the world, period.


Guadalupe Island is a volcanic island located in the Pacific Ocean about 185 miles west / south west of Ensenada.  This island is an amazing destination for a number of reasons.  White Sharks gather every single year at the island starting in July and staying through December.  What makes the White Shark Diving so amazing at Guadalupe are the conditions, the visibility is every day over 100ft and the water is a clean blue. 


We are different from the rest, we offer high quality adventures, with personalized service and abundant attention.  Tons of cage time and the most connected experience while diving with us.  We  have a max of 8 guests on our White Shark Cage Diving Expeditions, by far the most personalized trip on Guadalupe.  Our trips are all staffed by Marine Biologists who will be doing different projects and sharing information with our guests. 

In addition to the White Sharks of Guadalupe you will likely find many other animals of interest.  The California Sea Lions are always playful, the timid Guadalupe Fur Seals are endemic, we see other species of Sharks, and schools of Yellow Fin Tuna come by the cages.


We offer White Shark Diving on Guadalupe Island from July 15 through November. 



It is no secret to most that Storm Fleet owner and manager Scott Carnahan is the most experienced documentary film logistics manager in Baja California and specifically at Gudalupe Island.  He has been a major force in White Shark documentaries for nearly 10 years and is considered by most "THE" go to person for filming on Guadalupe Island.



We at STORM FLEET have been directly involved in assisting researchers at Guadalupe Island for nearly 10 years.  We continue to have a direct hand in research and conservation via many outlets. 


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