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We move m/v STORM throughout the year to always be in the right place for the best activity.  We operate in the Pacific Side of the Baja Peninsula, off the South of Baja, and inside the entire Sea of Cortez.  Our charters and expeditions include Live Aboard Scuba Diving in some remote and untouched areas, Natural History Filming Expeditions, and Science / Exploration Expeditions.

Wild Life Filming

m/v Storm is the vessel of choice for Natural History Filming anywhere in the Sea of Cortez or along the Pacific side of Baja.  Not only is the vessel the ideal boat for filming, but our crew is the most experienced in the area hands down.  


What subject are you looking for ?  Whales, Sharks, Mobulas, Giant Mantas, or playful Sea Lions?  Islands, beachs, mountains, deserts, or epic ocean sunsets?  Maybe you want to join us and our biologists doing endemic lizards, birds, plants, or animals on remote islands? 

Regardless of what you are making, from a Non-Profit Conservation piece to a big budget Blue Chip Natural History Documentary we have the platform and crew for you.

Custom Made Adventures


We love to do special requests.  Unlike most live-aboards, we are not boring, and more so we do not want to do the same thing over and over again.  The areas we have the luxury to share with you is awesome and we love to explore it every way our guests choose. 


Family vacations, company trips, photography groups, private guided scuba diving adventures, whale watching with your friends?  What would you do if you could custom make an adventure for cheaper than a standard one on other boats.

Regardless of your groups dynamics, needs, desires, and goals we look forward to helping you design the true adventure of a lifetime. 

Research Platform

We have supported multiple research and conservation projects since day one, and we continue to dedicate large amounts of our resources to many very important efforts and studies.  We work with Universities, non- government Organizations,  non-profits, park services, and directly with researchers. 

m/v Storm is an excellent working platform for many different types of researchers.  The boat and crews ability to adapt and manage diverse ideas and workloads makes us highly successful on research trips. 

We regularly work with Shark Researchers, Whale Researchers, Pinneped Researchers, Bird Researchers, Turtle Researchers and Island Conservationists to name a few.

Yacht Support Vessel

We offer broad range of professional services for private yachts large and small while traveling in Mexico. 


m/v Storm was designed as a long range expedition vessel with extended range capabilities.  This is hugely important for our work supporting yachts as we have fuel, water, diving, shark cage, extra crew rooms, and a variety of services we an offer. 

Do you want to take a private yacht to Guadalupe Island and use our Shark Cages?  Do you want to bring your yacht into the Sea of Cortez and stay offshore while we bring your provisions and manage crew? 

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