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Socorro Islands
Sea of Cortez
Our Mission

Natural History Encounters.


Our "other" wildlife expeditions come in many shapes and sizes throughout the year depending on animal behavior and the short bursts of seasons that happen. See here the Sea of Cortez Blue Whale, Humpback Whale, Mobula trips.  We have an yearly sold out Mag Bay Striped Marlin/Sea Mount season.  Not to mention our Pacific Islands Kelp, 7 Gill Shark, Mako Shark, Blue Shark season.  This is all before we mention we are the #1 Filming Vessel Natural History Documentary work in both the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific of Baja. 

Purpose Built Boat, most Awesome Crew, our Luxury....


Our Mission at Storm Fleet is to provide the highest quality experiences possible for all our guests.  Our expeditions are all custom planned for the specific group needs and missions.  We offer the rare luxury of a low capacity liveaboard.  We have the luxury to work in Protected Areas up and down both sides of Baja California, our vessel is the lowest impact vessel doing so, our total footprint is drastically less than any other vessel.  Did we mention we do this because we love it ?  

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