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STORM FLEET is responsible for the bulk of the highly specialized and private services needed by our private yacht guests that choose to come in their own or rent private yachts in Mexicos Baja Peninsula.  It has been a great pleasure to work with the fixed crews of these Super Yachts to make vacations and expeditions literally once in a lifetime for our guests. 


We offer specialized PROFESSIONAL SCUBA GUIDING SERVICE for our private yacht guests throughout Baja California in both the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific of Baja.  Our guides are hands down the most experienced professionals working in the region.  We guide not only recreational scuba divers of all levels but also technical, rebreather, and specialty diving. 

Many of our private yacht guests require SHADOW VESSELS for a number of reasons.  We offer diving support platforms for diving crew and technical support.  In addition to our diving services many of our private yacht guests use our other services for provision delivery, crew exchanges, garbage disposal, and just as tender vessels.

Additionally we provide every needed dive gear rental, gas mixing systems, tours, shore transportation, transfers, and all the custom services our private guests expect.

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