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The Pacific Baja - or Islas de Pacifico Protected Area

The Pacific Baja, more commonly known as the all of the islands that run down the West ( Pacific ) side of the Baja Peninsula.  This literally stretches down the entire cost and has many island, large and small, along the way.  From Ensenada all the way south this area is one of the most diverse areas of diving in all of Mexico, and has some exceptionally unique areas that make it one of a kind in the whole world.   The Pacific side of Baja is a large stretch and depending on the season we focus in different areas. 

There is a lot of diversity of diving along the Pacific Coast of Baja.  We enjoy Mexicos only Kelp Forest, diving with 7 Gill Sharks, Bait balls teaming with Striped Marlin, White Sharks, Elephant Seals, Fur Seals, not to mention all the awesome fish life.   Did we mention the historic Wrecks ?

The areas along the cost are so diverse you will not believe you are even at the same place.  While we base out of Puerto San Carlos in the south of Baja we are diving Sea Mounts and historic wrecks, while we are up north around El Rosario we are kelp diving with 7 gill sharks and giant grouper.  Out at Cedros Island and Natividad Island there is great yellow tail school, elephant seals, and California Sea Lions.  As if that was not enough our trips often include playful dolphins on almost all trips, large tuna, wahoo, thick schools of jacks, many species of sharks.




The LUXURY advantages to diving aboard m/v STORM on the BAJA PACIFIC.   

 -  Our trips have a Max of 8 divers so we cater the dives to you, NOT the other 20 people on the boat.  

 -  We go to the further out sites that most operators wont spend the fuel to go. 

 -  We use both our tender and main vessel for diving, not just tenders.

 -  Custom menus and no stress schedules, we do all custom everything all the time.

 -  We do tech diving, sidemount diving, double tanks, rebreathers, you name it we can handle it.

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