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Magdalena Bay - Puerto San Carlos

Magdalena Bay, more commonly known as Mag Bay is located in the west side of Baja California Sur on the Pacific Ocean approximately 185 miles north of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. This area allows us the unique opportunity to scuba dive and free dive on Deep Sea Mounts with large Pelagic Fish, like Striped Marlin schools, huge tuna, and wahoo.  This area is wild, remote and unpredictable in the sense that on any given day you can be diving with anything.  We are often awestruck as we come across Whale Sharks during our Safety Stops, or traveling Whales as we move from site to site.

There are lots of Pelagics on the Sea Mounts we dive.  The inner coastal dive sites are packed of lobsters and many fish.  This is a phenomenal area for Blue water bait ball diving to get into schools of Striped Marlin and even Sharks.

We dive both southbound and northbound out of Puerto San Carlos.  Depending on the groups needs and the season we find the best area for the group. 




The LUXURY advantages to diving aboard m/v STORM in Mag Bay.   

 -  Our trips have a Max of 8 divers so we cater the dives to you, NOT the other 20 people on the boat.  

 -  We go to the further out sites that most operators wont spend the fuel to go. 

 -  We use both our tender and main vessel for diving, not just tenders.

 -  Custom menus and no stress schedules, we do all custom everything all the time.

 -  We do tech diving, sidemount diving, double tanks, rebreathers, you name it we can handle it.

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